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Meadow queen

Meadow queen

A mesmerizing bouquet that captures the beauty of a blooming meadow

Small (Ø10-15cm)
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Medium (Ø20-25cm)
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Large (Ø30cm)
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Extra Large (Ø40cm)
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Meadow Queen is a bouquet that stands out for its unique elegance and natural charm. The bouquet is composed of different types of flowers that evoke the image of a blooming meadow full of colors and the endless beauty of nature. The overall impression is the Meadow Queen bouquet, which is like a small piece of nature cut out of a blossoming meadow.

(The picture shows bouquet in M size)

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To enjoy the beauty of flowers for a longer period, we will automatically add flower food for cut flowers to each bouquet, which you simply need to add to the vase before filling it with fresh water. You can also significantly extend the life of cut flowers by freshly cutting their stems with a sharp knife before placing them in a vase.

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