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Our florist's bouquet ?

Our florist's bouquet ?

Prepare a beautiful bouquet according to the seasonality of the goods and the inspiration of our florists!

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If you didn't find what you were looking for, you can try this mysterious bouquet :) This bouquet will always be different - interesting and inspiring.

Florists prepare bouquets using fresh flowers based on the current seasonality and the amount you choose (you can choose the total price of the bouquet by using the individual amounts below).

Depending on the current trends and inspiration of our florist, it can be different styles of bouquets (round, tall, field...), and combinations of flowers (one type, a mix, with or without greenery ...)

We will do our best to satisfy your wishes within the current availability of goods and the amount you entered if you indicate your preferences when creating an order.

When you want to prepare several bouquets at the same time, choose the total amount for each bouquet and fill out the note (price of each bouquet and number of pieces). Otherwise, we will prepare one bouquet at the given amount.